Lake Fishing in Habarana

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Lake Fishing Tour in Habarana

This fishing tour gives you the wonderful experience of inland fishing in Sri Lanka as it is done by the natives. Row across the beautiful lake in wooden canoes. Fish using traditional fishing poles used by the locals. Get plentiful catch, which you can later have roasted over a fire. Enjoy a delicious lunch which includes your fish.


  • Fishing on Hiriwaduna lake.
  • Lunch at local village.


  • Canoe and local boatman.
  • Local fishing rod.
  • Sri Lankan lunch.

What to Expect

You will be starting your tour from Hiriwaduna villlage at 11:00 am where you will meet your fishing guide. He will take you to the Hiriwaduna lake where you will find a canoes and fishing rods and tackle. The bamboo rods are made by the villagers themselves for their personal use, so you can get the local fishing experience right down to the dot with it.

The Hiriwaduna lake is an artificial reservoir created in an age long past. The reservoir supplies water to the villages around it, while also being a source for freshwater fish. Tilapia species seem to be the most common fish here. You will be spending a peaceful hour on your boat hooking fish, enjoying the challenge of reeling them in and the triumph when you see the results in the fat fish that you finally get in hand.

At approximately 12:00pm you will return to the village where most of lunch will be done. You can get your catch fried over the open fires. You will then be served lunch which will be delicious local fare cooked to perfection and served with your fried fish. The meal will be eaten on woven trays with a lotus leaf laid on top which lends additional flavour to the food. After you enjoy your meal you can relax a little before finishing your tour at 1:00 pm.