Lagoon Fishing in Negombo

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Fishing in Negombo Lagoon (Private 3-Hour Tour)

This tour gives you the opportunity to go fishing in the Negombo lagoon. Enjoy the new challenges that fishing in a lagoon brings. Get some amazing catch that make your day. Choose the additional barbecue to enjoy some wonderful grilled fish


  • Lagoon fishing complete with fishing guide and equipment provided.
  • Optional supplementary package of BBQ with two beers.


  • Refreshments.
  • Boat charter Fee.
  • Hire of complete sport fishing equipment.
  • Wages for boatman.
  • Fee for fishing guide.
  • Safety jackets.
  • Service charges and all government taxes.

What to Expect

The three hour fishing session starts from the pier on the banks of the lagoon. You can opt for the morning session at 8:00 am or afternoon session at 3:00 pm. You will be provided with safety jackets and sports fishing equipment. Your guide who will be showing you the best spots to fish.

A lagoon is a shallow body of water divided from the sea by sandbars, coral reefs or low banks. As lagoons can have a mix of saline and freshwater; the type of fish found here differ from purely saltwater or freshwater ones. As such a different sort of bait or lure is used that maximizes on the shallowness of the water. Some of the best lures and bait used for this type of fishing are topwater plugs, spoons, spinners and live bait.

The Negombo lagoon is quite large and very popular as a good fishing area of Sri Lanka. Most fishermen here use traditional methods such as basic wooden catamaran or an outrigger canoe. You You will be fishing from a small boat; which, while not exactly old school, is quite charming. You will be able to catch lake fish such as seer, mullet, pomfret, herring, amberjack and skipjack; while typical lagoon catches such as lobster and shrimp are also available, though they are best caught with nets. You can have some refreshments to cool off as you wait for your to fish to bite.

After your three hour session is over at 11 am or 6 pm, you will be dropped off back at the pier with your catch, If you choose the barbecue supplement with beers, the grill will be set up. At this point you can relax by the lake with a cool bottle in hand until your meal is done. You can enjoy the juicy grilled fish with that wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes with the knowledge of having caught your own meal.