Cycling in Negombo Fishing Village

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Cycling in Negombo Fishing Village (Private 3-Hour Tour)

This tour gives you the opportunity to explore Negombo's centuries-old fishing trade. Cycle through quaint villages and learn their culture. Watch the fishermen tend to their boats and mend their nets. Visit the house of one of the fishermen to learn more about how they live. Pedal amongst tall coconut palms on your way back.


  • Learn the culture and lifestyle of fishermen
  • Optional visit to a local village house

What to Expect

You will be starting your cycling excursion from your hotel in Negombo at 3:30 pm. Your route will be 20 km long and will take up to 3 hours to finish. You will be provided with the necessary equipment; such as bicycles and helmets. You will also have a guide with you, as well as a backup vehicle. There will be refreshments such as water available that you can have during quick breaks.

The fishing trade of Negombo is one of the oldest in Sri Lanka. As such it is also the biggest fishing city in the country. You will be able to the rows of fishing boats stacked up along the beaches as you cycle through the villages. The guide with you will enable you to speak to a few villagers and learn more about the fishing lifestyle both in the olden days and now. You can watch the men mending torn nets, gutting fish or cleaning out their boats.

You will also have the option to visit a local village house to see what it looks like and will also be able have a cup of tea there. You will be returning along a route which passes through a beautiful coconut estate. You will be able to see some beautiful views as the sun sinks, since you will be riding along the coast.

You will be finishing off your tour at your hotel by 6:30 pm