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Lakpura Dehydrated Guava Leaves (250g)

Lakpura Dehydrated Guava Leaves (250g)

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(SKU: LS400005AC) Guava, a tropical fruit produced in Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia is usually eaten fresh or made into beverages, while its skin and leaf are used as a home remedy during various conditions. Most people think that guava is associated with a person getting cold and this may be true. Moreover, these fruits also have health benefits. Guava is also helpful during dangerous health problems such as high blood pressure, diarrhoea, diabetes, cough and different types of cancer.

Well, how does guava do all of this? The answer to this question is that guava has a high source of vitamin C and fibres that act as antioxidants. These antioxidants have the tendency to reduce or stop harmful effects pertaining to oxidation

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