Collection: Dumbara

Dumbara Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2007 and manufactures a high quality, unique organic natural sweetener kithul and jack fruit based vegan products according to EU organic and FSSC standards. Kithul is a palm endemic to Sri Lankas rain forests, botanically it is known as caryota urens. Kithul tree has been providing several uses and thus a multipurpose tree. The sap obtained by tapping the inflorescence is used to make various edible products including sweet kithul treacle, kithul jaggery and kithul spreads and kithul jam range with natural fruits. Other than to kithul products, dumbara makes instant vegan jack fruit and young jack fruit curries. Dumbara aims at supporting the rural farmers in sri lanka, uplift the farming communitys living standards and offering their children a better education. The company assists in maintaining organic plantations, providing relevant knowledge and guarantes to take in their kithul sap and natural ingredients. Therefore the company ensures a steady income for the farmers. The objective is to create better awareness on this hidden valuable ingredient kithul is consider as liquid gold because of its unique taste and low glycemic index value.