Dilmah English Breakfast Tea, 100 Tea Bags (200g)

Dilmah English Breakfast Tea, 100 Tea Bags (200g)

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Dilmah English Breakfast Ceylon Tea - 50 Tea Bags 200g

(SKU: LS922B2290) This packaging include 50 tea bags and all of them equals to total of 100g.

Tea Grade

Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (B.O.P.F)


Black tea

Caffeine Level



  • Recommended to use Spring Water
  • 95˚C –100˚C
  • 1 Tea Bag per person
  • 220ml of water per person
  • 3 - 5 Minutes


Brand Dilmah
Contents 50 Servings Per Pack
SKU  UPC  Weight 
LS922B2290 780658129987 200g

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