Bally’s Casino, Colombo

Bally’s Casino, Colombo

Bally’s Casino

Bally’s Casino is one of the largest and oldest casinos in Colombo City. It’s located close to the center of the city in close proximity to many hotels and the Fort Railway Station. While Bally’s definitely cannot hold a candle to the pomp and glamour of most of the larger casinos of Las Vegas; it does have a reasonable amount of luxury. It is also one of the very few high stakes casinos currently existent in Colombo.

The Casino Section

This large area has a subtle and glowing decor that encourages visitors to stay, relax and let go of their stress as they play for fun and/or fortune. The creamy cushioned leather chairs, red and gold carpets, beige and orange walls, golden lighting and smartly dresses staff all add up to that understated effect of luxury.

Bally’s has a variety of different games to play in the casino section. These include over 99 table games such as the ever popular Blackjack, Baccarat, Asian Poker, Texas Hold-em-up, Roulette, an online casino, and many more; slot machines starting from a single rupee (SLR1.00); live betting for sports events; and a number of such facilities. While some games can be played starting from a stake of Sri Lankan Rupees 1,000 and going up to an amount in the millions; some start even as low as Rs 1.00 as evidenced by the slot machines. This is due to the fact that Bally’s Casino caters to everyone from experienced foreign high rollers to the local Sri Lankan housewives looking to take a quick break.

Players are treated to complimentary drinks of their choice along with complimentary snacks served right to the table. Larger meals such as breakfast, lunch or dinner can be taken from the restaurant nearby.

Their responsible gaming policies that advise patrons against obsessive betting, speaks on these dangers and tells visitors to use the money allocated for leisure and not daily essentials at home. Such policies, as well as the services and hospitality offered by Bally’s, have ensured them a number of loyal and dedicated patrons throughout the years.

The Entertainment Section

Bally’s has musical performances of a wide variety every day. They also strive to make their weekends special with a number of alluring dance performances and other such entertainment. Occasionally special events featuring famous Indian or local personalities, or fashion shows are seen on stage.

The Hotel and Restaurant

Bally’s maintains strong connections to The Kingsbury Hotel; one of the top hotels within the city. As such patrons from the hotel usually receive a small voucher when visiting the casino from the hotel; and alternatively foreign patrons coming to the casino are encouraged to spend their stay at Colombo at Kingsbury. The service of the hotel does not disappoint. Meals for patrons, including buffets, are usually served at Kingsbury’s restaurant; which is nearby.

Other Casinos of the same chain

In addition to Bally’s Casino, which is a high stakes casino; the same group of companies also own two other casinos. One is the Bellagio, which is located at Duplication Road. It caters to mid stakes clientele. The other casino is MGM, which is close to Majestic City in Colombo 4. This one caters for low stakes patrons mostly; though like all its sister casinos, it too has a VIP section for high stakes clients. Though these casinos are sister companies of Bally’s they act independently; and all three are visited by foreign and local players looking for some fun.

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