Agro Tours

With a history based mainly on agriculture spanning thousands of years, we as Sri Lankans are proud of a legacy which has been passed on for generations starting from the mighty kings that once ruled the kingdom. Many of our farm lands consists of acres of golden paddy fields, various plantations consisting of local produce while they are nourished through irrigation tanks which were mostly man made during the reign of Sri Lankan kings and queens before colonialism took over the country.

In the recent times agro tourism has been of interest among a niche clientèle and we are proud to offer you our very own tour packages that will provide you the best experience possible. One can say that our paddy cultivation and irrigation systems were once quite complex which led to many invasions from foreign lands. You will be able to experience the life of a local farmer who contributes to the local economy with many sacrifices and hard work.

Currently there are a few categories that are based on agro tourism while our tours can be tailormade to suit your stay. From food production and animal farms, greenhouses and overnight stays such as camping and celebrating events to visiting agricultural museums and participating in annual festivals and markets etc, you can enjoy it all.

Some of the experiences include taking part and learning growing/harvesting local produce, learning the local methods of cooking with local produce and utensils, lake fishing, purchasing local produce etc. Popular areas for agro tours include the Central, Southern and Uva provinces while some of the areas located within the cultural triangle are also well known for its rich agricultural techniques.

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